Monday, July 5, 2010

An Abrupt Introduction

Here I am.
I've joined the BlogVerse.

I plan to write and post mostly movie reviews, but I reserve the right to subject readers to my spontaneous wonderings. The movies will not be recent, as most of my favorite movies were not released in this century.

Sorry this is choppy, but I really don't like introducing myself. Here's what I usually say in the non-Web world: "Hi. I don't know you. I'm Tori! *shakes hands and wanders off*"

I'm a future Journalism major trying to get some experience publishing my work, even if it is on a website that allows you to blog about whatever you want for the low, low price of Free. My hobbies include writing for my school newspaper, being a Harry Potter nerd, and painting my ankles with sparkly nail polish.

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