Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why I Love ABC Family (Warning: Contains Fangirly HP Spoilers)

I find myself suddenly overwhelmed with affection for the ABC Family network. Not because they've cut down on the America's Funniest Home Videos reruns this weekend, although that was nice; I have an unexplainable hatred for that show.

No, the reason I want to hug the heads of programming over at ABC Family is that they've been showing previews of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts I & II all weekend, WHILE they play the first five movies. *takes a break from typing to hug the television* *sits down quietly to avoid further weirded-out stares from family*

So far, three segments have aired (and can be found with a quick "ABC Family Deathly Hallows Sneak Peek" YouTube search). The two-minute teasers include behind-the-scenes peeks at filming, snippets of interviews with the producers, director, and stars, and footage not seen in the recently-released trailer.

If I wasn't so filled with goodwill towards Warner Bros. and ABC Family, I would ask why they're showing us so much of the movie four months before it comes out. On the other hand, OH MY GOSH NEVILLE WITH THE SWORD O' GRYFFINDOR AT 1:38!!! AND POST-TORTURE HERMIONE AT 0:14!!! AND KNIFE-THROWING BELLATRIX AT 0:46!!! AND... 

Sorry. What was I saying...? Oh, right. I love getting to see so much of the movies that I'm looking forward to, but please, please, PLEASE, Warner Bros., don't show us the entire film. It's okay to keep a little mystery in it.

Unless someone wants to tell me where the split is going to be. That wouldn't be over the line. (Please be after The Silver Doe, please be after The Silver Doe, please be after The Silver Doe...)

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